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Facebook could be used to spot those at risk of depression - because they talk more about themselves 

Donald Trump says Putin ‘probably’ involved in poisonings overseas

Donald Trump hangs painting in White House of him having a Diet Coke with Abraham Lincoln 

Elizabeth Warren urges Trump to make good on $1 million pledge over DNA tests

US Secret Service dealt with assassination threat against Donald Trump in Manila 

Society has splintered with the rise of the internet, but technology is still key to ending loneliness

Indian minister sues woman alleging sexual harassment for defamation

Angela Merkel government at risk of split after coalition partners drubbed in Bavaria elections

Polio eradication target at risk as new cases recorded in Africa

Amnesty International activist abducted, beaten and faced mock-execution in Russia

Police criticised for handing out warning leaflets to suspected child sex offenders

Coffins are taking up too much space Highgate Cemetery warns, as it says it will run out of space in 6 years  

Man walked out into traffic after rowing with girlfriend who spent two hours on phone, court hears

Thailand to ban foreign plastic waste from 2021 as South East Asia buckles under waste influx

 Hampshire in photographs, by landscape photographer Matt Pinner

At least 13 dead and five seriously injured in flash floods in southwestern France

Inside the UK-allied nation where torture and slavery are rife

Royal baby: What will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex name their first child? 

Pictures of the Day: 15 October 2018

The 8 things you might have missed this weekend

2018-10-15 07:35:49

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