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Weitere Meldungen:

Russian strikes killed 1,000 in three months

Sylvester the runaway lion bolts again - and there’s no going back

Fear a fact of life for Pakistan Christians

Capitol Hill gunman ‘was on God’s mission’ over minimum wage

Trump campaign chief charged with assault

‘I hardly recognised my tortured son’

Rapper jailed in Angola over book club plot against president

Hollande struggles for unity against Isis

In Nevada, $8m could buy you an entire town (residents not included)

Clooneys rally Hollywood to Clinton’s fundraising drive

Replica arch heads for Palmyra after Trafalgar Square

Fraudster revealed very real holes in the system

5,000 suspects hauled in as bombers taunt Lahore

Second French air traffic controllers’ strike causes flight chaos

Hero of SS became hitman for Israel

I was groped by Sir Elton, claims star’s police bodyguard

Vote takes Rousseff’s coalition to brink of collapse

New pistol looks like a phone and opens with one click

Soldier survives in jungle

Hijacker in fake suicide belt is seized in runway chase

2016-03-30 06:34:38

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